The Accreditation Covers The Certification Of Companies Applying The Iso9001 Management Standard.

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The accreditation was granted by the UK national accreditation body UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service). The accreditation covers the certification of companies applying the ISO9001 Management Standard. As Dr. A Rahim, Director of NKK(UK) Ltd explains, Whilst ClassNK does already provide a broad spectrum of accredited certification services, the accreditation of NKK(UK) Ltd offers a high level of service provided at a more local level. NKK(UK) Ltd. is already building on this beginning and expects to be accredited for ISO14001 very shortly. In addition, certification of OHSAS 18001 can also be performed directly through NKK(UK) Ltd. Furthermore, by close cooperation with ClassNK and by having a common pool of Auditors, we can ensure that other certification needs beyond these three standards, including all mandatory certification and surveys, are carried out in a coordinated and cost effective manner for all our clients. NKK(UK) Ltd expect that this new service will be of interest not only to clients in the UK, but also throughout Europe, Africa, and in Countries such as Singapore and India. Source: ClassNK

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The portal serves as an online gateway to product information, immediate help, expert knowledge and OHSAS 18001 the latest community news, giving customers the tools to be successful while using TrackWise, Stratas, and 123Compliance QMS platforms. The new Community Portal is part of Sparta's continued investment in providing an exceptional customer and partner experience. Users will be given the tools, information, and collaborative capabilities to ensure optimal performance and success with their quality management system software solutions. The portal will offer functionality for: Managing support cases - Allows users to submit new support cases and review existing cases by status. Users can also add additional information to open cases for better troubleshooting. Searching the knowledge base - Enables users to search for frequently asked questions regarding Sparta Systems' solutions, find documentation, whitepapers, articles, and videos. Asking the community Provides access to forums with recently discussed topics, and allows users to ask peers for their insights and answer questions from others. Finding training resources - Directs users to the Sparta Academy for the latest onsite and online courses and class descriptions for administrators, application owners, and end users. "We are fully committed to ensuring that our customers and partners get the absolute most out of our cloud and on-premises Sparta solutions," said Josh Sokoloff, Vice President of Customer Success at Sparta Systems. "The Community Portal facilitates this success by providing incredibly helpful resources and updates while fostering collaboration and quality management best practices within companies and throughout their supply chains. Collaboration is the cornerstone of the quality ecosystem we are helping to ignite." Users of the existing portal will automatically be migrated to the new Community Portal. For more information, or to log in, visit About Sparta Systems Founded in 1994, Sparta Systems is the world's premier provider of cloud and on-premise quality management software. We offer the solutions, analytics, and expertise that speed up quality and compliance. Our solutions help to lower risk, increase efficiency, and keep consumers safe while allowing manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors to collaborate in a seamless and integrated environment. Sparta is privately owned and headquartered in Hamilton N.J, with offices across Europe and Asia.

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